Metallic manufacturing

Ertech Industries offers a variety of expertise for the industrial sector; from research to implantation on client site, manufacturing and certification of our work. We are able to assist you during your projects : mechanical and welded fabrication, sheet metal work, pipes, sheet metal work, metallic and composite machinery, and manufacturing of cut tools.

Our site based in Mauléon is specialize in sizing and manufacturing of differential pressure flow measurement.

Our expertise:

  • Mechanical and welded fabrication
  • Sheet metal work
  • Pipes
  • Metal work
  • Flowmeter
  • Machinery
  • Sharp tools

Composite manufacturing

Our group controls  several essential steps for the manufacturing of composite:

  • Machinery
  • Multi-perforation
  • Non-destructive control
  • Paint and assemble

Ertech Industries contact

Sheet metalwork, pipes, metal work, mechanicial and welded fabircation unit manager: Damien Lévêque
Flowmeter unit manager: Ramuntxo Christy
Composite unit manager: Stéphane Lafitte