Ekhi Elec Services

Ekhi Elec has develop their expertise around electronic component assembling, from their conception to the manufacturing of the electrical casing and cabling. Their offer integrates steps starting from manufacturing, supply of provision until the final control.

Electronic cards assembling

Our team and machines enable electronic component assembling on two type of cards:

  • Cross board conventional card: the electronic component (resistor, condenser/capacitor, integrated circuit …) assemble by hand
  •  Surface-mount cards (SMC): our highly precise machinery, mount on the surface miniaturize component, at a speed of five to six thousands components per hour.

Cabling and manufacturing of electronic cases

Our team manufactures wires harnesses, with stranded wires assembled, according to strict production specification. The pre-assembled harnesses and wires are ready to be connected to the final system, for example, a refrigerating system.

We also manufacture electrical cases.

Adapted and scalable machines

Silkscreen printing, automatic placement, cleaning, brazing, cut, welding, testing …  érigraphie, placement automatique, lavage, brasage, coupe, soudage, test…We are equip to answer the moving expectation of our customers.