Spi Aéro service

Aeronautic parts protection

Spi Aéro, a Lophitz Group subsidiary, specialized in surface and paint treatment, offer services for the aeronautic sector. SPi Aéro expertise is acknowledged by their clients and supplemented by ISO 9001 2000 version 2000, EN 9100 and NADCAP certification.

Research & Development

To innovate for chromium (VI) substiution

Spi Aéro has taken on a R&D strategy in order to anticipate REACH regulation evolution agreed by the European Union, to better protect human health and the environment against chemical substance related risks. The goals are define by the GREEN SPI AERO 2020 program, to integrate new substitute solutions on all chromium (VI)* base surface treatment process. To carry out these R&D work, the company has partnered up with Pau University and InéoSurf start-up.

*hexavalent chromium or chromium (VI) is a hazardous product for people and the environment

4 researchers, one laboratory and a pilot line

Spi Aéo has organize itself around the 4 members of the R&D team, a laboratory and a semi-industrial pilot line. Their aim, to incorporate healthier and environmental friendly solutions into new or existing process.

The two principales R&D project: 

  • CARAIBES program: in partnership with Airbus Helicopter, Liebherr and Safran. The program has enabled the deployment of a solution that substitutes hexalvant chromium during the magnesium alloy chemical conversion, at the chrome finishing stage. To supplement the program, a sanding process without chromium was added.
  • COPACABANA project: funded by Armies executive management. The goal is to develop, before the end of 2017, a new aluminum allow chemical conversion process without hexalvant chromium.

Our commitment to quality

Satisfy, Security, Respect for the environment
Satisfy the client, secure the personal and the installation, and environmental preservation; these are at the core of our occupation. With that in mind, Spi Aéro commits to set up and to maintain a continuous progress, by developing an integrated and efficient management system (Quality, Security, Environment), based on the EN 9100 reference document.



For confidential purpose, to access the complete list of certification please address to : spiaero@groupe-lophitz.com

Anticipate, Prevent, Respect
Spi Aéro commits to put in place human, organizational and technical resources that will enable us to :

  • Fully answer the customer requirements (reactivity, quality, cost reduction)
  • Permanently respect the regulatory and legal requirements of our activity, and environmental aspect
  • Prevent all risk for the personal
  • Anticipate all risk related to pollution, by controlling and reducing as much as possible the impact on the environment
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of our organization and performance
  • Maintain our staff motivation and skills

The continuous evolution of our QSE management, insured by audit, management review and relevance of the objective. The objective are coherent with our commitment for improvement. Spi Aéro wish that every employee be a part of the company success, and fulfil its own ambitious within it. The personnel implication towards quality, security and environment insures Spi Aéro longevity.


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