Metallic work and locksmith construction for habitat

Lopitz Habitat, specialize in metallic structure, it has recently integrate the Lophitz Group. Reactivity and Creativity are the two major strengths of the human scale company. They have 30 years of expertise in metalwork, manufacturing of stainless steel furniture and lightweight frame.


In partnership with architects and construction builders, Lopitz Habitat also assists private individuals in the manufacturing of personalize metallic stairs, walkways, gates, and railings. From the design to the installation, and with computing means and modeling, our team propose personalized solution for all architectural projects.

Using stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminum, our team create, renovate or bring up to standard public buildings access. It secures private house stairs and creates lightweight industrial frames.

Stainless steel furniture

Lopitz Habitat manufactures customize stainless steel furniture for professional or private use: work space, storage furniture, bar, industrial sink …

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Lopitz Habitat
21 Rue Hélène Boucher
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Tel : 05 59 42 29 09