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Ertech Industries Mauléon : the flow measurement & machining experts

Ertech Industries Mauléon offers you a global solution for all your projects in metal and composite machining as well as flow measurement. Simply provide us with your technical specifications and we’ll take care of everything! From the design stage to assembly, from manufacturing to CE marking, we cover the project from end-to-end. Our goal? That when your products leave our facilities, all you have left is to install them. Our skills and expertise have allowed us to work with numerous industries, be it Petrochemicals, Energy, Steel Industry or even the Food Industry. Ertech Industries Mauléon is certified ISO 5167.

Flow measurement

For many years, Ertech Industries Mauléon has been specialising in the making of flowmeters (orifice plates, tuyeres, venturis, meter runs, restrictor holes…). First of all, our design office designs a tailor-made solution and dimensions it. The whole manufacturing process is performed within our workshop. We then check our solutions’ compliance with several steps: dimensional controls, NDT, hydraulic tests, PMI and other tests if requested.
All our productions comply with international regulations ((ISO 5167, ASME ...) and are certified according to DESP2014/68/UE (CE marking).

Metal machining

Ertech Industries Mauléon is also comprised of a mechanical machining workshop to manufacture your parts by lathing, milling, drilling, water jet cutting and marking. Thanks to our expertise and the complementarity of our teams, we are capable of working on all your tooling and industrial installations projects from one end to the other, whatever your industry.
As an example, it is Ertech that designs, manufactures and assembles our subsidiary Spi Aéro’s surface treatment lines.

Composite machining

In addition to the aforementioned equipment, Ertech Industries Mauléon has a composite machining workshop that can cover several key steps of composite parts’ manufacturing process: machining, multiperforation, trimming, drilling, painting and assembly, everything is performed in situ. Your parts will also be tested: our certified Level 2 NDT inspectors carry out Ultrasonic inspections to detect potential delamination. Ertech Industries Mauléon’s machinery includes a 5-axis machining centre and 6-axis robots in a workshop that can hosts parts up to 3 metres.


Ertech Industries, the strength of 2 sites with complementary expertise

Ertech Industries also has a site in Pau, which is specialised in welds for industrial works. Ertech Industries Pau supports you in all your projects of piping, sheet metal work, metal fabrication and machining. We are always striving for quality and safety, hence all our productions are tested and MASE-qualified, whether it is in Pau or Mauléon.
Whatever your industrial need, Ertech Industries must have a solution!

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