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Lopitz Group has been specialised in Aerospace surface treatment and flow measurement since day one. Our Group has now widened its scope to a broad range of expertise around metalwork, welding and machining (metal and composite). Our complementary companies and vertical integration allow us to operate in numerous fields such as Aerospace, Petrochemicals and Energy, as well as the Food Industry and Construction. We develop global solutions for all your industrial needs and cover your projects from end-to-end.


Lopitz Group

Lopitz Group’s industrial skills and expertise take their source in a Basque Country valley, la Soule. This rural origin has played a great role in shaping our identity and we are proud to carry simple but human values. We aim at developing jobs and technical and technological competences around our region.
Today, Lopitz Group is comprised of 6 companies whose areas of expertise are specific but yet complementary. Our vertical and transparent structure allows us much flexibility and responsiveness to offer you an end-to-end support in all your endeavours.

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